U.S Anti-Online Casino Gambling Group Relentless In Pursuit Of Un-Happiness

Online gambling is thriving in the U.S and the general consensus is positive that is except for a small minority known as the “Coalition To Stop Internet Gambling” or CSIG. The group is taking aim specifically at online gambling advertisements to twist negative opinions against them to support their cause. CSIG feels online gambling casinos are promoting their brands to gambling addicts and minors, but no real truth to back it up. Ironically most of the groups funding comes from Sheldon Adelson a powerhouse in the traditional brick and mortar Casino industry. He has also been lobbying support from Congress to ban it completely. Another backer of CSIG is Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln who compared gambling advertising strategies to that of Marlboro when targeting young kids as quoted “You used to have the Marlboro man, you used to have those ads. Congress in its wisdom and some in the industry determined it was not appropriate. The advertising part of it is exactly what hooks kids and seniors who are desperate, who are marginalized individuals and trying to feed a family.” Over the past 2 years the gambling industry has taken proper protective measures to display warning banners to prevent any misguided information that leads to the luring of young, problem gamblers and seniors. Of course nothing is full proof but the industry takes these matters very seriously and is always looking for better means to implement to keep gambling safe and responsible. The future has always been and will always be online.

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