Sic Bo

How to Play

Sic Bo is a dice game popular in the asian culture. It is played with 3 standard dice that are tumbled or shaken in a cup. A player can make a number of bets ont the table which is similar to roulette in layout. Results are based on the values of the 3 dice rolled. T he following shows the combinations of the dice and the wager and odds associated with each.


Big—— total score between 11 and 17 with the exception of a triple—1:1

Small—- total score between 4 and 10 with the exception of a triple—-1:1

Odd— total score will be an odd number with the exception of a triple–1:1

Even–total score will be an even number with the exception of a triple–1:1

Specific Triples———-Specific trips will be rolled (ex: three 4s)——180:1

Specific Doubles——-Specific doubles will be rolled(ex: two 3s)——-10:1

Any triple—————–Any triples will appear ————————–30:1

Three dice total————–4 or 17—————————————-60:1

Three dice total————–6 or 16—————————————-30:1

Three dice total————–6 or 15—————————————-18:1

Three dice total————–7 or 14—————————————-12:1

Three dice total————–8 or 13—————————————-8:1

Three dice total————–9 or 12—————————————-7:1

Three dice total————–10 or 11—————————————6:1

Dice combination–dice show specfic combination of two numbers—– 6:1

Single dice bet—1,2,3,4,5 or 6 will appear on 1,2 or all 3 dice–1:1,1:2,1:3

Four number combination-6, 5, 4, 3; 6, 5, 3, 2; 5, 4, 3, 2; or 4——–7:1

Three single combination–combination of 3 different numbers——–30:1

Specific double and single combination-specific numbers on 3 dice—50:1


Sic Bo is a game of chance so strategy is hard to apply.

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