Red Dog

How to Play

Red Dog also known as “Acey-Deucy” is a game that uses anywhere from 1 standard 52 deck of cards to as many as 8 decks. The more decks used the lower the houses odds are.

The game is played by using 3 cards at a time and has the same ranks as poker where by the Ace is the highest card. To play a bet or wager must be made first once done two cards are placed face up on the table with 3 different possibilities.

-If the cards are in consecutive number order (ex. 6 and 7 or 10 and Jack) then the hand is a push and the wagers are returned.

-When the two card are of equal value a third card is dealt. If the third card produces a 3 of a kind then the payout will be 11:1, if not then the hand is a push.

-If the two cards have a larger spread than one place such as 2 and 7 then the amount of difference will determine the payout depending on the third card to be dealt. Before the third card is dealt the player has the option to double his bet if he wishes. If the third card value falls between the other two cards the player wins and will be paid according to the spread. If the card does not fall between the two he loses.

The following shows the winning combination of spreads and the payout associated with each:

-Spread = 1 Payout = 5 to 1

-Spread = 2 Payout = 4 to 1

-Spread = 3 Payout = 2 to 1

-Spread = 4+ Payout = 1 to 1

-3 of a kind = 11 to 1

Red Dog is a game of chance so strategy is hard to apply.

The more decks used in a game the lower the houses advantage

3.1% -1 deck and 2.7% -8 decks

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