Caribbean Stud Poker

How to Play

Caribbean Stud Poker is a casino game similar to 5 card Stud Poker, the difference being that players play against the house rather than each other.

To play the gam each player must first put down an ante. Each player and the dealer are then dealt 5 cards face down. Once done the dealer will then turn over one of his cards. After this the players can look at their cards and decide whether to fold and lose their ante or continue on and place a bet (normally twice the ante). After bets are final the dealer will flip over the remaining four cards and compare his hand with the other players. The best poker hand on the table will win.

Some standard rules of Caribbean Stud Poker are as follows:

-Player can only play with one hand, muti hands are not allowed.

-It is forbidden to discuss cards dealt with other players at the table

-Cards must be in full view of the dealer at all times

-If a card is turned over prematurely before betting is finalized then all hands are voided

The Following shows the payouts associated with each hand:

-Royal Flush Payout = 100:1

-Straight Flush Payout = 50:1

-Four of a Kind Payout = 20:1

-Full House Payout = 7:1

-Flush Payout = 5:1

-Straight Payout = 4:1

-Three of a Kind Payout = 3:1

-Two Pair = 2:1

-One Pair = 1:1


The best strategy with Caribbean Stud is to raise with a A-K-J-8-3 or better. Anything else you should fold.

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