How to Play

he object of the game black jack is relatively simple, when dealt a hand the players try to achieve a card count of 21 or black jack as its known. The dealer passes out 2 cards to each player face up and deals himself one card up, one card down. Before hands are dealt bets must be placed. If you are satisfied with the two cards dealt to you then you choose to stick. If you think your hand is not good enough to beat the dealer you can be asked to be hit with another card. You can take as many cards as you wish as long as your card total is equal to or below 21. If you go over you have busted out and the game is over for you.

Once you are satisfied with a hand you think will beat the dealer he will proceed by flipping his card over to reveal his count. If he is lower he will continue taking cards until he has beat you or has busted out. (unless there are other players at the table then he may hold once he has beaten at least one).

Ace (value)= 1 or 11

King, Queen, Jack (value)= 10

Remainder of Cards = face value

Stick -no more cards

Hit -take another card

Bust -over 21 game over

Black jack -cards equal 21 you win

Split – two cards the same value can be split playing each separately but the player will also need to place an extra bet for the new hand.

Double Down- when the combined value of the players two cards equals 9, 10 or 11 they can choose to double the original bet and recieve one card more but must stand after 3rd card is dealt.

Insurance- if the dealer face card is an ace the casino may offer a player and option side bet equivilant to half the size of the side bet. This is to insure against the dealer reaching 21.

Cards to always stand: any hand that totals between 17 and 21

Hands of Ace+8 and Ace+9

Everything else should be hit with once exception: cards that equal between 13 and 16 should stand when the dealers up card is between 2 and 6

Anything higher you should take an extra card

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