Baccarat - Punto Blanco

How to Play

Baccarat or Punto Banco (a variation played in North America) is a game strictly of chance as there are no choices for the players to make since cards are controlled by the dealer. The game consists of a “Player”,”Banker” and a “Tie”. These are not actual terms referring to the “player” as customer or “banker” as house but instead 3 betting options for the customers at the table.

The rules of the game are as follows: cards 2-9 are equal to face value, 10,J,Q,K are equal to 0 and Aces are equal to 1. T he object of the game is to have cards add up to the highest score 9 (natual as its known). If the value of the the cards exceed 10 for example 12 then the 10 value is dropped and you are left with a total of 3. Another example is if you have a hand of 7 and 3 it will be worth 0 since it equals 10.

Game Play

In Punto Banco cards are dealt out face down 2 to the player and 2 to the banker. They are then turned over and the total is tallied. Depending on the hands the player and the banker have the option of drawing a single card more. If the player or bankers total equal 8 or 9 (natural) no cards will be drawn. Betss on player and banker are paid off 1:1. In the situation of a tie all tie bets are paid 8:1.

Once you are satisfied with a hand you think will beat the dealer he will proceed by flipping his card over to reveal his count. If he is lower he will continue taking cards until he has beat you or has busted out. (unless there are other players at the table then he may hold once he has beaten at least one)

No stategies as there is no player control of the cards- game of chance.

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